Local Media
Dealing with the Local: Media,
Proximity and Community
Pre-Conference to ECREA´s sixth European Communication Conference, ECC 2016, Prague, 8 November 2016

Call for Papers
ECREA Pre-Conference
Dealing with the Local: Media,
Proximity and Community



Event organized by the Department of Media Studies and Journalism, Masaryk University, Brno.

There are media whose main value is simply the close relationship their proximity provides for and with their audiences. Local and community media are often praised for giving voice to the voiceless, namely invisible local community members. Although being largely ignored by communication researchers, these small-scale media are undoubtedly an irreplaceable part of all media systems and fulfil important functions in society (e.g. the construction of community). Compared to other types of media, they have certain distinctive features, which always made them – as existing research shows – remarkably viable and vulnerable. Despite recent studies on local journalism, community media, audience participation in public communication and the relationship between local media and local politics, much research remains to be done with regard to the fundamental questions regarding media and closeness. These include: What are the contemporary local and community media functions in society? / How has the contemporary media development transformed local and community media, and more broadly media closeness? / How, if at all, has the priorities of audiences regarding local and community media changed? These and similar questions are among the main concerns of the Media and closeness ECREA pre-conference. To stimulate further international academic discussion in this area, we expect to publish the best papers as part of a special issue or edited book.

Conference topics

  • Local media and local journalism specifics
  • New trends in local journalism
  • Local media organizations´ development
  • Local and community journalists
  • Local audiences
  • Community and media
  • Local politics, local economy and media
  • New media and locality
  • Abstracts

    Empirically-based abstracts outlining the topic, as well as the theoretical and methodological approach, should not exceed 500 words and should include short contact details (name, affiliation, email). The abstracts will be subject to a peer review process and should be submitted to the following email address:
    Lenka Waschkova Cisarova


    Deadline for submission of abstracts:
       30 April 2016
    Notification of acceptance:
       31 May 2016
       1 September 2016
       31 July 2016 for early bird fee
       8 November 2016


    Lenka Waschkova Cisarova
    Department of Media Studies and Journalism
    Masaryk University
    Brno, Czech Republic

    deadlines and fees

    Early bird
    (till 31 July 2016)
    (from 1 August 2016)
    ECREA members50 euro60 euro
    Students55 euro65 euro
    Other60 euro70 euro
    Registration fee includes: admission to all sessions, coffee breaks, lunch.


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